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Eclipse 50i POL

Product Code : Eclipse 50i POL

Brand : Nikon

A compact polarizing microscope that balances optical performance and ease of use.

With its small footprint, the Eclipse 50i POL is a basic polarizing microscope that offers powerful microscope optics and comfortable operation in an affordable package. Available in diascopic and episcopic illumination types, the 50i POL features a newly designed illumination system that provides greater brightness than any microscope in its class.

More About

Eclipse 50i POL

Episcopic DIC (Differential Interference Contrast)

  • By mounting the LV-UEPI universal epi-illuminator and optional universal-type nosepiece and DIC accessories including objectives, Episcopic DIC microscopy is possible.

Reversed Centering Nosepiece

  • Up to five objectives, ranging from 4x to100x can be mounted to the nosepiece and all five objectives are centerable. The nosepiece is also provided with a DIN compliant compensator slot and it accepts various compensators for advanced quantitative measurements.

CFI60 Optical System

  • Nikon's proprietary CFI60 optics provide high NA and a longer working distance. CFI60 optics deliver bright, high-resolution images. Up to five objective lenses can be mounted.

Diascopic and Episcopic Polarization

  • Both Diascopic (transmitted) and Episcopic (reflected) polarization observations are possible by mounting the LV-UEPI universal epi-illuminator.


Main body optical system: CFI60 infinity objectives
Main body illumination: 6V-30W halogen lamp; 6V-30W built-in transformer; built-in ND8 filter
Main body focusing: Coaxial course/fine focus knob; Focus stroke: 30mm; Coarse: 13.8mm per rotation; fine: 0.1mm; Minimum reading: in 1µm increments
Eyepiece: 10x (F.O.V. 22mm), CM type with crosshair and micrometer scale
Eyepiece tube: P-TT Trinocular Tube for polarizing microscopy; P-TB Binocular Tube for polarizing microscopy
Intermediate tube: Built-in focusable Bertrand lens removable from optical path; switchable Conoscopic/Orthoscopic observations; built-in Analyzer; Plate/compensator slot
Analyzer: 360° rotary dial; Minimum reading at angle 0.1°
Nosepiece: Reversed centering quintuple nosepiece (detachable); DIN slot
Stage: Ball-bearing rotary stage; Rotatable 360° horizontally; can be fixed at a specific position; Graduated 360° (in 1° increments); Attachable mechanical stage: 35x25mm travel; vernier 0.1mm
Condenser: Dedicated strain-free swing-out type; P Achromat N.A. 0.9
Polarizer: No scale
Objectives: CFI P Achromat 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x; CFI LU Plan Fluor Epi P 5x, 10, 20x, 50x, 100x
Episcopic illuminator: LV-UEPI Universal Epi Illuminator*
Compensators: Standard 1/4 Lambda and tint plate, quartz wedge or Sernamont compensator can be inserted into intermediate tube slot
Power consumption: 0.9A/48W
Weight: Approx. 14kg (standard binocular set)

* The Eclipse LV100 POL accommodates a 12V-50W illumination transformer, while the 50i POL requires an external power supply and lamphouse.


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