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Eclipse Ni-E

Product Code : Nikon Eclipse

Brand : Nikon

Nikon Eclipse Ni-E motorized microscope system - A leap forward in research microscopy. See the evolution!

The culmination of years of innovation and optical refinement, Nikon’s new Eclipse Ni-E upright research microscope incorporates a revolutionary modular design that allows easy expansion and precise system customization. All-new CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda objectives with Nano Crystal Coat technology yield brighter, higher resolution images with higher transmission rates. Add enhanced widefield and spot laser illumination capabilities with motorized modular components, and you have a truly evolved research microscope that can take on limitless applications.

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Eclipse Ni-E


Maximum System Expandability: Using core technology from Nikon's renowned Eclispe Ti inverted research microscope, the Ni-E offers versatile multi-mode system expandability to suit a vast range of image possibilities.
Advanced Motorisation: To meet the need for more versatile experiment techniques, more motorised options, such as filter wheel, high speed shutter and photoactivation unit, are now available.
Improved Optical Performance: The Ni-E incorporates a number of Nikon innovations that provide unsurpassed optical performance including "Fly-Eye" Lens Array, Noise Terminator, Nano Crystal Coat and the All-new CFI Plan Apochromat Lambda Series Objectives.
Powerful Digital Imaging Capabilities: The Ni-E can be controlled in conjunction with a Digital Sight series digital camera, facilitating effortless digital imaging. Images can be captured with a dedicated button on the microscope body, the touch panel on the camera control unit, or the software GUI on a PC.
New Streamlined Design: The Ni series employs a modern, organic design in the microscope wing that adds a gentle beauty while reducing stress during lengthy observations.

Focusing mechanism Focusing stage Focusing nosepiece
Main body Optical system CFI60 infinity optical system CFI60 and CFI75 infinity optical systems
Illumination 12V100W halogen lamp, power supply from control box A
Built-in fly-eye lens
Built-in NCB11/ND8/ND32 filters (in/out possible, detachable, one additional filter mountable) and diffuser (in/out not possible, non-detachable)
Motorized ND filter unit for light intensity control available as option
Controls Transmitted light on/off switch, intensity control dial (Preset function provided)
NCB11/ND8/ND32 filter in/out switches
Motorized control switches (field diaphragm, aperture diaphragm, objective changeover, objective escape, focus reset, fluorescence cube turret, excitation light shutter, optical path changeover, observation mode changeover, microscope status display changeover)
Image capture button
Ergo controller (option)
Focusing Motorized coaxial coarse/fine focusing
Built-in linear encoder, resolution: 0.025µm
Focusing stroke (from focus point): upward 2 mm, downward 13 mm
Escape function as refocusing mechanism
Focusing stroke (from focus point): upward 12 mm, downward 3 mm
Escape function as refocusing mechanism
Eyepiece lens (F.O.V.) 10x (22 mm), 10xM photomask (22 mm), 12.5x (16 mm), 15x (14.5 mm), UW10x (25 mm), UW10xM photomask (25 mm)
Eyepiece tube
(Light distribution)
Binocular tube, F.O.V. 22
Trinocular tube F, F.O.V. 22/25* (eyepiece/port: 100/0, 0/100)
Trinocular tube T, F.O.V. 22/25* (eyepiece/port: 100/0, 20/80, 0/100)
Ergonomic binocular tube, F.O.V. 22, inclination angle: 10-30, tube extension up to 40 mm (when DSC port is attached, eyepiece/port: 100/0, 50/50)
Quadrocular tilting tube, Motorized quadrocular tilting tube, F.O.V. 22/25*, inclination angle: 15-35 (eyepiece/upper port/rear port: 100/0/0, 0/100/0, 0/0/100)
  • When using layered epi-fluorescence cube turrets, or layered epi-fluorescence cube turret and motorized barrier filter wheel, F.O.V. is 22.


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