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Retiga™ 3000

Product Code : Retiga™ 3000

Brand : Imaging

High Resolution, Snapshot Fluorescence CCD Camera

The Retiga 3000 is the ideal camera for high resolution snapshot fluorescence documentation. With 2.8 million pixels, a 4.54μm pixel pitch and a high quantum efficiency of 75%, this camera provides higher resolution and sensitivity than most standard fluorescence microscopy cameras. Available in monochrome or color, the Retiga 3000 uses a USB 2.0 data connection for a fast and easy installation.

More About

Retiga™ 3000


  • Large Field of View (11mm sensor diagonal)
  • High Resolution (2.8 Mega Pixels with 4.54μm pixel pitch)
  • High Sensitivity (Low Read Noise with 75% peak quantum efficiency)
  • Simple Data Interface (USB 2.0)
  • Low Dark Current (0.005e/p/s dark current at just 0ºC cooling)
  • Software Included (Includes QCapture Pro 7)


    Live Cell Time-Lapse Fluorescence
    High Content Screening
    Imaging Cytometry
    Whole Slide Imaging



    Retiga 3000 Scientific CCD camera
    Model: 01-RET-3000-R-M-14-C (monochrome, 14-bit)
    Model: 01-RET-3000-R-CLR-14-C (color, 14-bit)


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