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Retiga™ 6000

Product Code : Retiga™ 6000

Brand : Imaging

Large Field of View, High Resolution Fluorescence Snapshot CCD Camera

An unequivocal advance in fluorescence documentation, the Retiga 6000 allows you to see larger areas in greater detail and with higher clarity. Capturing the largest Field of View is possible without having to compromise on resolution or sensitivity. With 6.05 million pixels and a 16mm sensor diagonal, the Retiga 6000 exploits the full microscope FOV, capturing twice the image area than most standard fluorescence cameras.

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Retiga™ 6000


  • Large Field of View (16mm sensor diagonal)
  • High Resolution (6.05 Mega Pixels with 4.54μm pixel pitch)
  • High Sensitivity (Low Read Noise with 75% peak quantum efficiency)
  • Simple Data Interface (USB 2.0)
  • Low Dark Current (0.005e/p/s dark current at just 0ºC cooling)
  • Software Included (Includes QCapture Pro 7)


    Live Cell Time-Lapse Fluorescence
    High Content Screening
    Imaging Cytometry
    Whole Slide Imaging
    BioChip Analyzers and Gel Documentation


    Retiga 6000 Scientific CCD camera
    Model: 01-RET-6000-R-M-14-C (monochrome, 14-bit)
    Model: 01-RET-6000-R-CLR-14-C (color, 14-bit)


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