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Rolera™ Bolt

Product Code : Rolera™ Bolt

Brand : Imaging

Video Rate CMOS Microscopy Camera

Introducing the Rolera Bolt CMOS camera from QImaging. As a cost-effective solution, the Rolera Bolt is designed to meet the imaging requirements for a diverse set of applications ranging from IR-DIC to whole organism motility studies including fluorescence documentation of C. elegans and Drosophila larvae. Capable of streaming at 30 full frames per second with 1.3 mega-pixel resolution and 3e-read noise, the Rolera Bolt is perfect for tracking dynamic events with detailed spatial and temporal resolution.

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Rolera™ Bolt


  • New Pixel-Freeze Technology™
  • 1.3MP, 3.63 Micron Monochrome Pixel
  • 30 Full Frames Per Second
  • ~3 Electron Read Noise
  • Small Footprint
  • USB2 Camera (power supply not required)

  • DIC, Phase-Contrast, Brightfield and Darkfield Microscopy
  • Whole Organism Motility Imaging
  • C. Elegans, Drosophila, Amoebas
  • Video Rate Fluorescence Documentation
  • Semiconductor Surface Inspection
  • Metallurgical Microscopy
  • Failure Analysis

  • Rolera Bolt CMOS Camera
  • Model: 01-ROL-BOLT-M-12



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