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Product Code : SMZ660

Brand : Nikon

Nikon's SMZ660 stereo microscope was developed specially to meet the needs of customers who demand more advanced features and higher performance at lower prices. The patented Nikon three "A" design (Airtight, Anti-mold and Anti-electrostatic) ensures peace of mind under any operating environment.

More About


  • 6.3x Zoom Ratio Offers Magnifications from 0.8x to 5x
  • Diascopic Stand with Large Diameter Stage Glass: The stage glass in the diascopic stand has been widened to make it possible to view samples even in large Petri dishes
  • Ergonomic Auxiliary Objective for Correct Eye-level Positioning
  • Low-position Focus Knob Enables Quick, Effortless Focusing
  • Anti-mould, Anti-electrostatic, Air tight design
  • Streamlined Base Allows Operation Without Removing Your Hands From the Microscope
  • Long 115mm Working Distance: Even though the SMZ660 offers extremely high magnifications, they still provide the longest working distances of any microscopes in their class
  • Eyepiece with a Built-in Diopter Adjuster

SMZ 645/660 Specifications

Optical System:  Twin zooming objective
Total Magnification 4x to 300x depending on eyepiece and auxiliary objective usedInterpupilary
Distance Adjustment:  52 to 75mm (2.0 to 3.0 inches) (C-W10x)
Eyepiece (with diopter adjustment):  C-W10x (F.N. 22); C-W15x (F.N. 16); C-W20x (F.N. 12.5); C-W30x (F.N. 7)
Zoom Range:  0.5x to 5xZoom Ratio: 6.3:1
Auxiliary Objectives:  AL 0.5x, W. D. 211mm (8.3 in); AL 0.7x, W.D. 150mm (5.9 in); AL 1.5x, W. D. 61mm (2.4 in); AL 2x, W.D. 43.5mm (1.7 in); AL ERG 0.77x - 1.06x, W. D. 102 - 48mm (4.0 - 1.9 in)
Working Distance 115mm (4.2 inches)
Illumination Systems: G-LS 6V-10W Illuminator; G-LS 6V-10W Illuminator with G-E1A Articulated Supporting Arm; 6V-20W Illumination system with 6V/20W Lamphouse; 150W High Intensity Fiber Optic Light Source with single or double light pipes or ringlight; 30W Fiber Optic Light Source with single light pipe standard; Fiber optic cable and adapter for DS Diascopic Stand; Fluorescent RinglightStands: C-PS Plain Focusing Stand; C-PSC Compact Plain Stand; C-DS Diascopic Stand S; Duplex Epi/Dia Focusing
Stands: Universal Table Stand US1 (clamp type); Universal Table Stand US2; Universal Table Stand US3
Antistatic Function:  1000V to 20V, less than 2 seconds
Airtight Construction:  JIS dew prevention standard Type 1 compliant

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